Craft Show Season, a new payment option, and instructions!

Posted by Robert Starliper on

We are gearing up for what we hope to be a great show season.  Once again, I will be hitting a number of shows around South Central PA partnered with Ye Workshoppe and his sterling silver jewelry.  I expect to have a show list available in the not too distant future.  As they this space for more information!

As you may be aware, my web store runs on the Shopify platform (I highly recommend it, by the way) which also handles all my payment processing through their Shop Pay service.  The nice part of this is I never even see your credit card information.  I get transactional information (including card type and last 4 digits), but nothing else.  That means neither you or I have to worry about me having, and needing to protect, your credit card information. 

This brings me to my next item - credit (of a sort).  I am preparing to offer payment plan options to you through Shop Pay.  This lets you divide your total purchase into multiple payments instead of paying all at once.  One more way to purchase my artisan crafted works.  Through Shop Pay, you can pay with a credit card (all major cards accepted) or installments, you can use Google Pay or Apple Pay, or you can pay via PayPal.

In addition to the new payment option, I am also going to start adding some instructional pages, starting with a page on the care and feeding of my cutting boards, charcuterie boards, and pastry rollers.  These wood items will give many years of service, provided they are taken care of properly.  Look for that to appear on the main menus if the site soon, these will all be grouped under an instruction heading.