Blanks for a custom turned pen, pencil, or other similar sized item from Tim's Workshop.  Not that most blanks listed here are not able to be turned for a larger item, such as a pepper mill, cigar tube, ice cream scoop, etc.  Purchase of a blank also requires the purchase of a corresponding pen, pencil, or other similar item.


At the present time, all blanks are shown as 'sold out' and cannot be ordered.  If the blank is currently visible on the site, it is available.  Once a blank has been sold or used, it is removed from the site.  To order a custom item with one of these blanks, send a message to Tim's Workshop using the contact link.  In your message, include the blank you want and the pen. pencil, or other item you would like made from the blank.  Once we work out exactly what you want and make sure it is possible (see the note above about sizes), you will be provided with the total cost for the completed item.  Once you agree to the cost, you will be invoiced.  Once the invoice is paid, the blank is removed from inventory and production begun.  Special orders can take up to 6 weeks to complete, depending on component availability.  Some blanks, notably many of the non-custom DIAMONDCAST blanks are generally available from my supplier.  Other blanks are typically a one-off and therefore not available once sold - this is particularly true of special blanks that come with a certificate of authenticity.

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