30 Caliber Bolt Action, Engraved “Salute the Troops” Antique Brass, Red White & Blue Diamondcast Hybrid

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Show your colors and honor our men and women in the military with this Patriotic 30 Caliber Bolt Action Pen!

The pen features a unique bolt action mechanism to extend and retract the ink cartridge. The finial replicates the look of a 30 caliber cartridge and the nib replicates a 30 caliber bullet.

This patriotic pen is finished in an antique brass plating, and is etched with the words ”Salute The Troops” on the upper portion of the pen. The clip has a Bald Eagle over a stars & stripes clip. The nib end has a saliting soldier against an engraved flag background. The body of this pen is turned from Diamondcast Resin in red, white, and blue, mixed with wood to create a hybrid pen body material.

Diamondcast resins are made using a patented process that combines real diamond dust with the resin when the blank is produced. That diamond dust adds a beautiful sparkle to the resin, enhancing the beauty of the pen.

This pen takes Parker-style refills.