Custom Orders

Custom orders are welcome at Tim's Workshop.  If you have a particular idea for something you are looking for in a pen, pencil, or other turning, head over to the contact page and let me know what you are interested in.  Make sure to leave an e-mail address so I can contact you.  A phone number would be appreciated as well - it can often be easier to nail down details over the phone than e-mailing back and forth.  

Special-Interest Blanks

I have access to pen/pencil blanks related to a number of sports teams - both professional and collegiate.  I also have access to a wide array of laser cut inlay blanks covering a variety of subjects, from occupations, to military, to animals, to sports, and other interests.  In the case of inlay blanks, they are often only available for certain pen styles - most often the Sierra-style pens, although some are available for bolt-action pens as well (most of the military themed inlays are like this, as are some others).  

One thing I will not be able to do is provide you with your favorite team's logo.  The same goes for official military logos and most brand logos.  These are generally protected by copyright or trademark law (or both) and cannot be reproduced without a license, which is generally very costly and out of reach for a small producer such as myself.  Sometimes, though, I can do a theme related to the team, service, or company - such as a blue and white resin on a pen for your favorite college, or something similar.  Let me know what you have in mind and we can go from there.

Providing your own wood for blanks

If you have wood that has a sentimental value to you that you want turned into a pen or pens, contact me and let me know what you have and what you want.  Generally for pens and pencils I am going to need a piece at least 3/4" square, ideally 1" square.  The length depends on what, exactly, you want from it and how many.  If you are having a tree taken down and want something from the wood, contact me before the tree is cut if at all possible.  Once wood has been cut it starts to dry out immediately and can easily start to check (crack) within a matter of days if not sealed.  Depending on the method of sealing it may still start to crack within a week or two, so time is of the essence in processing it into blanks.  Some woods are more prone to this than others.  If you discuss your needs with me before the wood is even cut, I can provide direction on what I will need, and how to prepare it for shipment to me.  Ideally, a log or good sized (diameter) branch would be best to cut, seal, and send to me.  I will be able to break it down into pen/pencil blanks and carefully dry it to try to minimize warping or cracking, keeping it a viable piece to use to produce your pen or pencil or other item.  Of course with wood like this, there are no guarantees that it will not do something unexpected and become unusable.  Even if it breaks to the point it cannot be used by itself, I have the ability to have custom resin casting done to produce a hybrid blank.  Costs for turning wood you supply into a pen blank will vary depending on what has to be done.  If it is just a matter of cutting the blanks from the wood, then there will be no charge.  Other preparation, such as drying and/or stabilization, may incur a charge.  You will be notified of such charges before work begins.  Often, it is not known if wood stabilization is required until after the wood has been cut into blanks and, if necessary, dried.

Costs and Turnaround Times

Costs for any of this will vary greatly, depending on your specific wants and needs.  Once we work out the details, I will be able to give you a price quote.  After agreeing to the price, I will invoice you.  Production will begin after the invoice is paid.  Please allow 6 weeks for a custom order to ship.  The length of time will vary depending on the specific requirements for the order, if there is any blank processing to be done for an order using your own wood, or if components to produce your order need to be ordered from my suppliers.  I will generally try to have your order shipped as soon as possible.  If there are any significant delays, you will be contacted with the reason for the delay, and the expected duration of the delay.

Custom Order Blanks

I have started to add some of the special blanks to the website.  All of these will show as 'sold out' for now, as the site is not yet set up to be able to allow you to create a custom order online.  If a blank appears, it is available.  When messaging about your custom order, include the blank information in your message, along with the item you want made from the blank.  I will be able to use that information to generate the cost quicker than if we have to go back and forth over options.  Once you have accepted the cost of your custom order and paid the associated invoice, the blank will be removed from the site and production will begin on your order.