30 Caliber Bolt Action, Chrome, Moose

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There is a saying that goes “You can’t polish a turd”. Maybe not, but you CAN make a pen instead!

This pen contains natural material left behind by a member of the Alces alces species, better known as a Moose. That’s right, the body of this bolt action pen is made with Moose poop. Don’t worry, is has no scent, and is completely encapsulated and harmless. Before I received the blank for this pen, the source material had already been processed and mixed with polymers. When I finished with it, I further coated it with the same durable finish I give all my pens containing natural material, which completely seals it.

The pen itself features a unique bolt action mechanism to extend and retract the ink cartridge. The clip is a bolt action rifle, the finial replicates the look of a 30 caliber cartridge, and the rose gold nib replicates a 30 caliber bullet.

This pen takes Parker-style refills.