DIAMONDCAST pens, pencils, and other items are made with a resin that contains real bits of gem-quality diamond that are ethically sourced as reclaimed chips directly from diamond cutters.  DIAMONDCAST blanks have an added sparkle that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.  Blanks that are shown here are available for a custom order.  Find a pen, pencil, or other item you would like on the site, and use the contact form to let us know which item you want and the DIAMONDCAST blank you want it paired with.  We will respond with a quote for the custom item.  If you approve the quote, an invoice will be issued.  Once the invoice is paid, the blank is removed from availability and production begins.  Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for production of your custom order.  Because the web store is not yet set up for a custom ordering process, all blanks show as out of stock.  If a blank appears here, it is available.  The blanks that have been sold will no longer appear on these pages.  In many cases, these are limited production run blanks - these are noted with a name of 'custom' followed by a number.  When these are gone, they are gone.  I typically have only one of each blank, so get them while they are here!

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